Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Tail Biters"

This piece speaks on how this world is often so 'dog eat dog'. We all fight for our own survival. This piece speaks on the story of my own survival...cloudy at times, but a beautiful metamorphosis nonetheless.

"Tail Biters" Acrylic on Canvas, $315

What is Real?

What is real?

With the level of emotional sensitivity that I feel, I often question what is real and what is just my imagination.

"Imaginary Machinations" Acrylic on Canvas, $165

Because I have been told I overthink things, I wanted to capture this imagined machinery that is in my brain--what makes me overthink. The cogs within feel warped and oddly shaped.

"Fireflies Among Peonies"

"Fireflies Among Peonies" Acrylic on Canvas, $175

A friend commented that this piece reminds them of stained glass. Which coincides with the feelings I had when painting this piece. The spirituality and healing that comes from painting for me is almost a religious experience, and I wanted to impart that feeling into this piece.
The subject matter also reminds me of the late June summer nights growing up, when my front yard would be abloom with the scent of Peonies, illuminated by countless fireflies.


Since the advent of 2013, I've been battling a health issue. Since one of my colleagues gifted me with a hand-made canvas, I felt it should mean even more personally to me--through my brush.
"Inconsequence" Acrylic on Canvas, $365

I really connected with the bent tree in the left bottom of the corner, and how it bent to the force of the fierce storm. But I also took the anger I have with this issue out on the actual storm cloud itself, trying to create anger through paint.

The Garcias

The Garcias
These two pieces were inspired by much of the costume jewelry that is featured throughout fashion these days. I also emptied my feelings about how materialistic much of fashion has become as a whole.
"Garcia #1" Acrylic on Canvas, $75

"Garcia #2" Acrylic on Canvas, $75

Earth and Sky...

They are symbiotic and symbolic...They carry our existence.

I wanted to create something in thankfulness of what my life relies on. Below are "Celestial" and "Terrestrial".

"Celestial" Acrylic on Canvas, $315


"Terrestrial" Acrylic on Canvas, $315


This piece is symbolic of my love...beautiful, not perfect, colorful, interesting, envious, much more than just a painting of a bouquet.

"Bouquet" Acrylic on Canvas, $185